The Dangers of High Blood Pressure and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Blood pressure is just as important like other aspects of your body when it comes to health. For a quick review, blood pressure is the force that pushes the blood against the walls of your blood vessels. When this gets too high, you will risk yourself on getting health conditions such as heart diseases and […]

Say Goodbye to Kidney Stones by Eating These Top Five Foods

About 3 million people seek for kidney stone treatment year by year. Despite being familiar of what kidney stones are all about, here are some few facts that you might not know. Calcium is your friend There has been a misconception about calcium creating kidney stones. But the truth is, consuming more calcium can actually […]

Say Goodbye to Inflammation, Arthritis, and Joint Pain with Food Control

Over 54 million people in the US are living with arthritis, based to a study by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP). If not prevented, it will eventually lead into joint pain that can cause stiffness making you unable to do such certain things. When you have arthritis, you will begin to notice […]

Not All White-Based Foods are Good for You, Here’s Why!

You might have heard this kind of recommendation from several tips and tricks on the internet. White foods should be avoided! But is that really necessary? Should you avoid milk, plain yogurt, egg whites, potatoes, beans, and even cauliflower too? The answer is no. Of course, there are some certain “white” foods that needs to […]

Five Ways to Get Your Much-Needed Protein on a Plant-Based Diet

Throughout the US, plant-based diets have been the norm for some people that wants to maintain a healthy weight. This is because eating plant-based meals help prevents the risk of getting diabetes, as well as reducing the chances of getting heart disease and cancer as well. However, there’s no denying that animals are still the […]

Feel Younger and Free by Fighting Aging with Physical Activity

There’s no denying that our bones and muscles start to show their limits when we age. However, with the help of physical activity such as exercise, you can fight the effects of aging and gain muscle and bone control again. The Effects of Aging to Our Bones and Muscles Loss of bone mass: At the […]

Facts About Celiac Disease and the Effects of Gluten

We always hear gluten everywhere especially when we talk about food. However, there are still an ample amount of people that doesn’t know what gluten is. In this article, we are going to talk about gluten and how it affects celiac disease. What is Gluten? Gluten is a type of protein that consists of wheat, […]