After a few weeks of snowstorms with lawns covered in huge piles of ice, the warmer yet pleasant weather is a welcome addition to this time of the year. Let this be a season that motivates you to do more especially if you have been a couch potato throughout winter. Whatever you do, no matter if it’s for physical, family, and for friends, let the fun of spring guide you in the entire season. With that said, here are some spring tips tailored just for you.

  • Time to clean
    • Yes, it’s that time of the year again to clean up after a long winter of being around at your bed or fireplace for the whole time. It may sound like a chore, but having a neat and tidy space will make your home look spacious, and your mind clearer from whatever clutter is around. When you organize your home, it’ll make space for things that you may want to place in that particular area and this reflects to your mental health as well. The more organized and neat everything is, you will have a clear mind that helps you think and do more.
  • Green is Great
    • Gone are the days where you have to sip myriad bowls of soup to stay warm in winter. Now is the season to munch on salad, fish, and any kinds of leafy greens to get back to your healthy lifestyle. Incorporate greens back to your diet, and your body will thank you later.
  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors
    • Working out under the sun is preferable than working out in cold they say. This is the season where joggers will be happy to get back to their outdoor jogging routine. The smell of flowers blooming again, the sounds of nature surrounding the great outdoors, what’s not to love? You can do almost anything not just jogging. Be it biking, outdoor aerobics, yoga, and even playing sports such as badminton or volleyball. Time to get physical for a great spring season!
  • Be Mindful
    • Spring is the best time to start a mindfulness exercise. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do a full and complete meditation to achieve that clear state of mind. It is difficult to do so, why not engage in activities that focuses solely on your mind. Be it yoga, journaling, or painting. Whatever activity that relaxes your mind will do.
  • Reconnect
    • Now that winter has gone back to its bed, it’s time to re-enter and reconnect with our friends and family. A lot of us have stayed in our homes during winter, but the warmer weather can serve as a motivator for us to get out and socialize. Call a friend, plan a weekend getaway, or just hang out and have fun. Whatever you do, having quality time with your loved ones under the heat of spring is a pleasant experience.

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